Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Advanced Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Model In The Works?

 It has been a long time since I posted on this blog and I do apologize for this. However, I am back in full glory ready to report about the latest Galaxy S4 and Android trends. The hot news on the wire today are those surrounding the rumored release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE model, an advanced device that could boost the sales of the product. Currently, experts are expecting a major drop in sales for Samsung as it has been quite a while since the S4 was released and many other manufacturers have come-up with a lot of brilliant phones. Even though the Galaxy S4 is a dominant force on the market it is hard to say how long we can expect this to stay so.

Advanced Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE

 As you know, LTE is a very powerful data transfer protocol and in theory this would allow the Galaxy S4 to get data download speeds up to 1Gbps (30 bits per Hz) and 500Mbps uploads (16 bits per Hz). However, 4G is not a wide spread service in the world and the Galaxy S4 LTE would thus be a very niche device in most countries. For example, in the UK only one network (Everything Everywhere) has 4G services while the first 4G network in Russian appeared just last year.

 The problem is mostly in the fact that there are very few LTE devices on the market for users to actually invest money in this service and this is why most network provides in Europe have not implemented this service in their package. Thus, we can assume that the advanced Galaxy S4 model will be aimed at the North American market as it makes the most sense for it to succeed.

 Regarding the issue the head of the firm’s mobile biz, JK Shin, said to Reuters on Monday that his team is currently in discussion with several overseas carriers (he did not say which). He did not give much details and did not even mention the region, but we can expect that he was referring to the United States and perhaps even Canada.

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