Galaxy S4 Photos (Old)

 This page will serve a compilation archive of  the previously released Galaxy S4 photos that the publishers claimed to be real. In realty, this is just a bunch of fake photos that represent either someone's own interpretation of what the Galaxy S4 will look like or they represented someones attempt to fool the general public and earn some money by luring visitors to their website. Either way, this is what we got stuck with so enjoy the following Galaxy S4 photos!

Galaxy S4 Photos
Photo 1
Photo 1: The author of this photo admits that this is just a fan-made design, however many reports do suggest that the Galaxy S4 will feature a S Pen and a design that is similar to the past models.

Galaxy S4 Leaked Photos
Photo 2

Photo 2: SamMobile has claimed that this is an official leaked Galaxy S4 photo and that the device will look something like this.
Galaxy S4 Leaked Images
Photo 3

Photo 3: This render is quite different from other leaked photos and suggests tat the phone will be more wider, not taller. Either way we are talking about a 4,99" display

Galaxy S4 Design Photos
Photo 4

Photo 4: This is another photo that many claim is legitimate. We have placed the Galaxy S4, which is supposedly on the left, next to a press photo of the Galaxy S3 for comparison. The new S4 looks a lot more like the old S2 and the Galaxy Note 2 in this version that is quite similar to what SamMobile had published recently.

Galaxy S4 S Pen Function
Photo 5

 Photo 5: Obviously a fake photo. However, the purpose of this promotional poster is to the suggest that the 4,99 inch Galaxy S4 will be coming with a S-Pen accessory. 

Galaxy S4 Black Design Photo
Photo 6

 Photo 6: This, most likely, fake render of the Galaxy S4 is one of the better ones that we have seen so far. Its design is actually very well made and a lot of people don't mind it if Samsung actually does pick-up on this concept.

Photo 7

 Photo 7: A great fan-concept from the AndroidPIT. We wrote about this design in a lot of detail in this article.

Galaxy S4 Design Ideas
Photo 8
Photo 8: This is an interesting concept design by the design Rahum Sharma who seems to be really good at creating these renders and this isn't his first take on the Galaxy S4! The suggested specs are fully based on past rumors so don't pay too much attention to that.  
Photo 9

 Photo 9: After Samsung told us that they will be holding a Samsung Unpacked event on March 14 in New York City, this lead/render showed up on a lot of sites. The proposed specs seem accurate, and the renders itself is in line with what you could expect from Samsung.

Photo 10

 Photo 10: Another teaser from SamMobile which doesn't tell us much even if it is real. It seems like it is a bit taller than I would have expected, but then again this is a rising trend in the mobile industry.

Photo 11
  Photo 11: This is Gotta Be Mobile's concept render of the Samsung Galaxy IV design and I admit I must admit that I am quite of fan of how it turned out.

So, dear readership, which one was your favorite? And why?

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