Saturday, January 5, 2013

Galaxy S4 Fake Event Invitation - Do These People Ever Get Bored?

 Just like last year, there is a new rumor/fake/leak/photo every day and this is slightly getting annoying. Right now its hard to separate the Galaxy S4 news from fakes and fan-made stories. However, this one leak will not fool us! A Korean member of the SamMobile forum posted a photo of what appear to be a invitation to the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event which should (as the card) says, take place on March 4, 2013. A closer look at the photo will help you see the edges of a computer or laptop screen on which this digital fraud is located. We did a little zoom in as well and saw that this was done on a LG device. Of the irony! Have a look for yourself:

 Do you want some more reasons why this Galaxy S4 invitation is fake? Well, here are a couple:
  • If this were an official invitation it would have a much cleaner design and much better tagline. Samsung is known for making nice designs and commercials and this tagline/invitation just doesn't seem like anything they would make.
  • Why would Samsung be creating invitation for the press so soon? Even if the Galaxy S4 was to be released in March, why make invitations now? A company like Samsung can't even be 100% if the the release date that they do decide on will be the best one.
  • What idiot would be leaking device photos and official invitations? It's not like Samsung would have a hard time figuring out who did it, and once they do find out, that person would risk their entire career. All for a few photos? Hardly worth it.
  • March the 4th? Come on people, we all know that is a bit too soon for the Samsung to throw out the Galaxy S4.
  • Samsung has been able to hide a lot of details about their Galaxy S3 and none of the rumors came even close to the final product. You can expect the same for the S4.
  • A Samsung employee with a LG laptop? Talk about irony.
  • The slogan and overall design look quite like the work of an amateur and Samsung doesn't hire such people for projects of this scale.
  • And finally - just about anyone could have created this! All you need is Photoshop or even GIMP and the proper fonts and you are done! A perfectly good Samsung Galaxy S4 release date invitation fake!

 The things above could be said about the previously leaked Samsung Galaxy S4 photo, but at least that looked quite impressive for a while. Of course, you have a right to disagree with us. Perhaps you see or know something about these photos that we do not? Or maybe you have other inside stories to share? Well, feel free to post in the comments bellow!

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