Friday, January 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature a S Pen

 The rumors surrounding the Galaxy S4 are constantly pointing out that the device will have a 5 inch screen and the latest rumor is that the device will come along with a S Pen. Personally, I do not like either of these features as I was hopping for the Galaxy S4 to actually become a bit smaller while the Galaxy Note series become Samsung's phablet flagship, but it seems that this will not be happening. 

 In fact, the rumors across the Internet are continually raising this question and it is becoming quite obvious that the 5-inch Super AMOLED full HD Galaxy S4 is already in the works. The fan-made photograph/render of the Galaxy S4 bellow this paragraph best displays what this might look like, expect that the size of the smartphone is still a bit too small for a 5-inch Galaxy S4, but we can let this slide pass!
A fan-made picture of a "Galaxy S4" along with a S Pen

 As far as the release date rumors are concerned there is really nothing for us to report other than what most people are assuming already. Most analysts will tell you not to expect the new Galaxy S4 anytime soon and that it will certainly not come out before May. A lot of people are hoping that an early prototype of the device will be presented at the CES conference in a couple of days, but this is highly unlikely. As news continue to surface we will keep in touch with you via this blog so make sure you follow us!

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