Friday, January 4, 2013

Galaxy S4 Photo Leaks!

The prestigious mobile conference event CES will begin on the 10th of January and a lot of people are wondering whether it is too early for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to appear at this event already! Unlike Apple who takes its time to clear stock before throwing out a new product, Samsung is hard at work and they do not live on old fame! No matter what the truth about the upcoming event is, we are still happy that somebody has leaked some first photos of the Galaxy S4 device. I am already quite sure that these will turn out to be fake, but let us give the poster a benefit of doubt! Here is the leaked press render/ photo:
Galaxy S4 Photo Leaks
A leaked photo of the Samsung Galaxy S4?
 Once again I remind you to take everything that you read here with a grain of salt since last year we had tons of fake and fan-made Galaxy S3 images and it was a bit annoying. However, some were actually quite similar in many way to the final product and honestly I do not mind seeing all the Galaxy S4 renders that people can come up with. Eventually, there will be one that we can look back on and that one will be very similar to the final product! The render above looks more like the artist played a bit with the current design of  the Galaxy Note 2 and the S3 mobile phones.

 In case this handset on the image is really the Samsung Galaxy S4 what news does this photo bring to us? Well, it doesn't say a lot about the internal "clockwork" (hardware specs and software), but it does show us that the Galaxy S4 might feature edge-to-edge display and that the physical Home button will be gone. As a fan of the Galaxy phones I am must say that this design does not appeal to me, especially the edge-to-edge display feature which is something I find a tad-bit revolting!

 So what do you think about this first 'official' Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked photo? Is the phone starting to look like something you like? You can browse through the rumored Galaxy S4 specs here if you are interested what the phone might have under the hood. We also advise you to follow our RSS feed or Twitter for regular updates!

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