Monday, February 18, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Design - a Fan Concept!

 Hey dear readership, how's it going? There are really no Galaxy S4 leaks and stories worth mentioning today, so we thought we'd spice it up a bit! How, you may ask, well, let me tell you! Instead of doing another hypothetical review, today I will focus on what the Galaxy S4 might actually look like - if the fans had a chance to make it! This is an article that is inspired by the hard work of the guys from AndroidPIT who created an amazing Galaxy S4 design render which I will be basing this article around.

 Here is the photo:

Galaxy S4 Design Features
Looking nice isn't it?

 Looks really good doesn't it? I am not aware of the name of the author, but whoever this person is I salute them! Kudos for the great work! Yes, I really do like this concept and I find it a nice mix between two very different styles. Will the Galaxy S4 design really look anything like this? I don't really know, but if this is the path that the designer decide to go by, I will be very pleased!

 Now, somebody might come along and say - they only took a photo of another phone, made it longer and added a different display and some color effects. Indeed, this person would be correct, but even so, there some technical details about this design that make me very excited about it!

 So what are these things? Well, first of all, they say that the new Galaxy S4 will be a 5-inch smartphone and this means that it will be a lot bigger than we would like it to be. However, should it feature this sort of edge-to-edge display, the size would not have to increase much as all! And honestly, some people really dig this style anyway! If you are afraid of getting the phone damage too easily with such a design, then get a strong, durable, case kit and all your troubles will come to an end!

 I also like the back design that the authors clearly ripped-off from the LG Google Nexus 4. However, this is something I wouldn't mind. Indeed, wouldn't it be awesome if you Galaxy S4 was really a compilation of the best things out there and still brought in a lot of original features of its own? Now that would really be something!

 So, while we wait, feel free to leave a comment and tell us how you see things! :)

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