Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Win or Fail: Galaxy S4 Gangam Style in India (Samsung Style)

 Just yesterday we reported that Samsung India has announced that the Galaxy S4 will soon be manufactured in the Noida facility which means that a lot of S4 devices will be bearing the made in India title just like many of the S3 models that were produced last year in the same factory. Along with this announcement Samsung India proceeded to hold an event dedicated to the arrival of the Galaxy S4 which was quite "shocking" to say the least. The hosts did a parody of Gangam Style which they called Samsung Style which was quite funny, but not a lot of people seem to think so. While I would say this was a mediocre thing at best, many are calling it a major fail. Have look at the video itself:
 Here's some of lyrics if you are having trouble understanding things:

Samsung Style, Samsung Style!
If you liked the S3 then this phone is even better
It has a HD screen and is just a lot slimmer
441 ppi is not just a number
Look at this clarity it's brighter!

 And after this I lose most of what the guy is saying until the chorus which is easy to understand. I don't really know who thought it would be a good idea to do this with a singer who isn't exactly very talented nor does he talk English very well, but Samsung India did ti anyway. Sammy is known for doing propaganda and marketing campaigns in this way, but I feel that the final product was way off mark this time around.

 From what I understand the singer is actually a popular actor in India and the even was organized by a company that works in the entertainment and film industry. Comedic spoofs and parodies are a good way to advertise something, but this is just too much!

 I wouldn't call it a fail, but it is certainly no win. Either way the video is becoming viral among tech fans, and no matter what one thinks of the ad, it is successful at spreading the message - the amazing Galaxy S4 is here and it kicks ass!

 Like it or not? Do you know the rest of the lyrics? Post it in the comments bellow!

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