Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Galaxy S4 Aurora Red at AT&T

 It seems that AT&T is once again the first to score a very unique device, this time it is the Galaxy S4 Aurora Red, a beautiful smartphone that will surely win the hearts of many. The exclusive new device was launched today by Samsung and AT&T and it comes with 16GB of storage. So, how much does the new Galaxy S4 Aurora Red cost exactly? Well, the device is actually fairly priced which is an odd thing to see considering that these special models are usually more expensive. The Aurora Red will cost $639.99 if you decide to purchase it from AT&T off contract or you can choose to pay $199.99 with a new two-year contract.
Galaxy S4 Aurora Red at AT&T
Do you like the Galaxy S4 Aurora Red. Is it a "girl thing" or is the new design unisex? Click on the product photo to zoom by the way!
 This is not the only new color that the S4 will come in, but these will get introduced over time and via different carriers. Samsung pulled a similar "trick" last year with their previous model and it proved to be a success. Experts are saying that Sammy will need every sale that they can get though since the latest flagship isn't doing so well on the charts anymore. While it is still selling well, it is becoming obvious that sale figures are dropping. The Galaxy S4 Aurora Red and similar unique models are just one of the strategies for Samsung to boost sales and get ahead in the game.

 Of course, many see this in a different way. Fans will argue that nobody really makes their choice based on the color on the phone. It's not like one would choose a bad two-year contract just to get a phone in a different color than what other carriers are offering. People feel as this is just Samsung telling AT&T: "you guys are special, we love you". Still, one would be surprised how important color can be to some people and how much impact the design leaves on their decision. Devices such as Galaxy S4 Aurora Red are designed with such people in mind of course and this is a very niche device.

 If you wish to check this device out in more detail, then feel free to visit the official AT&T website!

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