Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Best Buy Verizon Galaxy S4 Pre-order Start Today!

 We already posted an article that covered all major Galaxy S4 US carriers and at that time there was very little information concerning Verizon. Unlike other major carriers who already announced the dates and prices of the device, Verizon hasn't even bothered to give the general public a specific date. However, the did come forward recently stating that they will have the Galaxy S4 in stock sometime in May.

 Since there is no official date concerning the Verizon offer, Best Buy has not given out too many information either. However, pre-orders are available and you have to go to either a Best Buy Mobile standalone store or a Best Buy Mobile shop at a larger Best Buy store. While other companies are still putting out landing pages to get your email in order to notify you of the release, Best Buy is stepping forward with their offer quite a bit.

 For $50 you can secure your pre-order, although this is a bit unwise as the actual pricing of the product is not yet known. It is expected that you will, in total, have to pay $200 or $250 if you plan to use a two-year contract. Off contract the device should cost $800 which isn't the most affordable deal out there, but it is a very standard offer.

 So if you like Verizon's services and really want the new Samsung Galaxy S4 then the price with contract looks quite nice. I do, however, encourage you to have a look at what other carriers are offering. If you wanted to buy the standalone device from Verizon then I suggest you get it somewhere else. After all, who wants to pay $800 for that ugly branding that they place on the back case of every device. Yes, I do find that very, very annoying as you may have noticed through other blog posts here!

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