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Galaxy S4 VS Note 2

 These two devices are currently the best that Samsung has to offer and I hope you are anxious to see the results of this Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 review! Now, it is true that the Note 2 is an older devices, but none the less if the Galaxy S4 cannot outmatch it then things aren't looking so bright for Samsung's latest smartphone. We will do this comparison as objectively as possible and once the new Galaxy Note 3 comes out we will pit it against the two as well.

 Let us start by looking at the general features, the body and design. The image bellow shows the body dimensions of the two devices. As you are aware of the Galaxy S4 is smaller, thinner and much lighter. It weighs around 130 grams, while the Note 2 weighs just around 180 grams. Both devices are built from plastic.

Galaxy S4 VS Note 2

 The Galaxy Note 2 is as you know built to be this large on purpose. It is a mix between a phone and a tablet that fans like to call a "phablet". This makes comparing the two devices a bit harder, but nonetheless their performance and features can be compared regardless of this fact.

Galaxy S4 vs Note 2: The Display

 In spite of the larger size of the Note 2, it no longer outmatches the Galaxy S series when it comes to the size of the display. The S4 has a 4,99 inch display while the Note 2 has a 5.55 inch display. Is 0.55 inches really worth it? After all, the Note 2 is quite bulky and not very practical and mobile and it no longer has a major advantage over Samsung's smartphone. If you are, however, looking for a mobile phone with an even larger screen, then stick around for the Note 3, which will have a 6.3 inch display.

Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 Display

 Aside from this the Galaxy S4 provides superior display quality. The display is much better, although if you are keeping the Note 2 at a reasonable distance away from your eyes you would probably not notice that the difference in pixel density is so large. Nonetheless I believe that it same to say that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is in the lead so far.

Performance and Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in two variation as far as the processor is concerned. The more common version features a quad-core Qualcomm processor, while the other has the famous Exynos 5 Octa-core processor. Benchmarks show that both models are superior in performance to the Galaxy Note 2.

 As far as random access memory goes, both devices have 2GB RAM which makes them even. Storage is also the same as both devices come with 16/32/64 GB and can support an micro SD card.

 And when talking about their performance, it is a wise decision to pit the two devices against each other via the Basemark X 1.0 app which was initially made for gamers. It puts the devices to major graphical tests and as you can see bellow the Samsung Galaxy S4 wipes the floor with all the other contestants.

In terms of software both devices use Android and the Galaxy S4 comes with a newer version out of the box. However, an official update for the Note 2 will soon be available so this doesn't really matter all that much.

 As far as the camera goes, you can compare samples via GSM Arena which is quite handy. The Note 2 has 8 MP, while the Galaxy S4 has a 13 MP camera. However, the difference in quality isn't anything ground-breaking and these numbers don't even matter as much. However, the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an array of amazing new features and options when it comes to shooting photographs and I have to say that they looks both amazing and like tons of fun!

In conclusion, which of these wins the Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 battle? In my eyes the Galaxy S4 is worth successor to the series and much better than the Note 2 having outclassed it in every aspect. The price is, however, still a major factor and since the Note 2 is pretty good on its own and it will also get a price cut once the Galaxy Note 3 is out, you can hold on to your money for a bit longer and wait to see what is the best option.

Do you disagree with the final opinion? Leave a comment down bellow and tell us what said wrong!

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