Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Galaxy S4 Is Amazing for Gaming says Basemark X 1.0 Benchmark

 We already know that the Galaxy S4 is a pretty amazing device right? It works brilliantly and packs an amazing combination of both hardware and software. However, I never really though about the Galaxy S4 as a gaming device. Most of the people I know don't use phones like this for games that will drain your battery instantly to slow your phone down (they tend to use tablets for that). However, the recent tests that were conducted by an Android app called Basemark X 1.0 suggest that the Galaxy S4 is currently one of the best gaming devices in the mobile industry.

Galaxy S4 Gaming Benchmark

 Well, how does it work? What score did the S4 get? Well, the Galaxy S4 climbed to the top for chart with a pretty impressive score. The benchmark app is constructed with the use of the Unity 4 platform and it provides a tough challenge for any device. It tests the phone via series of complex graphical tasks and then awards points to the device based on its performance.

 The goal is obviously not to measure the quality of the graphics, but the performance of the device and how it handles with such challenges. Among some of the many things that Basemark X 1.0 measures are the lightning effects, particles, shading and shadows and so on. The graphical tests are really tough and are designed to push the devices that are being tested to their very limits.

 Here is how Samsung Galaxy S4 did on the test:

Galaxy S4 Benchmark Tests
The S4 passes with flying colors!
 As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S IV did great on this graphical test and really made the series proud. It proved itself much better than the HTC One which is a brand new phone on the market that is trying to take the crown away from the SG S4. So far, however, it has not done such a good job in my opinion!

 If you are interested how well your current phone is doing then have a look at the free Basemark X 1.0 app on the Play Store. The developer has also noted that there will soon be an iOS and a Windows 8 application available as well, in case this is your OS of choice.

 What do you think about these tests results? How does your current phone perform? Post anything you have to say about this in the comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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