Thursday, April 11, 2013

Galaxy S4 Ad Campaigns Kick Off!

 The Samsung Galaxy S4 will soon be released worldwide and Samsung is slowly beginning it ad campaign. Although the launch event in New York received a lot of attention worldwide this is of course not nowhere near the amount of exposure Samsung is aiming to get to market their new device and raise the awareness of their brand. And with that said, Sammy started their brand new advertising plan and you can be sure that a lot of new ads are on their way to your billboards, local TV, YouTube, newspapers, stores...

 Let us have a look at this 60 second teaser video first.

 Ah, Vivaldi's music is playing in the background and one already feels that this going to be a great ad! Well, it wasn't really all that great and innovative, but I feel that it got its point across. It clearly focused on the phone's design and display quality as well as its unique features and gimmicks, while leaving a lot to the imagination and causing you to make further research about the device. It is a very nice all-around ad. The slogan "Your life companion" is a different twist to most of the lines that Samsung's advertising team usually uses, but I believe that this motto is quite accurate. However, the Galaxy S4 is more of an assistant than an actually companion, but this of course doesn't sound so poetic!

 Anyway, Samsung also tried something different in their ad campaign as well. Usually they make direct references to other brands in some of their commercials in order to make fun of them. They are yet to do that for the Galaxy S4, but they have however taken a shot at Apple's style. These "funny" ads are a silent parody to what Apple often does, but also an attempt at using some humor to advertise only a small gimick that the S4 has in order to make you interested to learn more about the device itself.

 A good example of this is the following ad:

 Now, I honestly can't imagine a football team getting their spirits up with this song, but you get the idea Samsung is trying to spread across these ads. There are a few others like this such as the S Translator ad and while I am not a huge fan of these, I can certainly see them being rather successful.

 Last year Samsung spent more than $300 million on advertising and I am sure that their recent success has given them enough resources to push their products even more so you can be sure to expect even more Galaxy S4 ads in the future.

 Did you find any cool Galaxy S4 ads of your own? Please feel free to leave a link in the comments section just bellow this article!

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