Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Verizon Galaxy S4 Deal Coming Soon (US Only)

 Verizon is ready to finally clear stock and start on their own Galaxy S4 offers. Earlier this week we reported that AT&T has announced its Galaxy S4 offer. If you decide to sign a contract with them for a period of two years then you can get the 16GB SG S IV for only $199.99, while the 32 GB model will set you back $249.99. Experts are suggesting that this pricing is fair and that we can expect similar offers from other carriers as well. So, what is Verizon up to?

Verizon Galaxy S3 Deal Singals the Arrival of Galaxy S4

 Well, Verizon is prepping for the new Galaxy S4 release by offering their Verizon Galaxy S III for as low as $99 if you get it via the Verizon Wireless plan. This is a typical move that US carrier pull off when a new flagship model is about to hit their stores. Along with this, Verizon has cut prices on the Galaxy S3 for those who buy it via a contract through their partners. This way, some people have reported that one can get the Galaxy S3 by signing a two-year contract and paying an additional $19.99 through their partners.

 So, when will the Verizon Galaxy S4 finally hit the stores? Well, it is still unknown at this time, but we do know that it has cleared the FCC tests and is about ready to go. Rumor has it that Verizon is planing a major release during this spring, which means the arrival of the SG S4 is just around the corner!

 Experts are worried about Verizon's business model however, since AT&T, for example, has been chewing away on their profit. Verizon was the last carrier in the USA to cash-in on the Galaxy Note 2 and we may see the same thing again. Along with that there is no mention of them including the HTC One or the new BlackBerry 10 device in their catalog which might cause them a lot of damage.

 We are yet to see how this will all play out however, so make sure you follow us for more news and commentary! Feel free to leave a comment if you have some news or tips! :)

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