Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Galaxy S4 Prices and Release Dates US

Following our last report on the rumored Galaxy S4 release dates many of the mobile service providers decided to step forward and reveal their offers regarding the brand new Galaxy S4 smartphone. Although we did have some glimpse of possible offers as well an official announcement from AT&T, most of the information was unknown to the general public. In today's post we will clarify what the carriers or offering, what the prices will be and when you can expect these offers to be available.

Galaxy S4 Prices and Release Dates US

T-Mobile Galaxy S4

 T-Mobile will be the first carrier to feature the Samsung Galaxy S4. The new pride and joy of the Android world will begin selling the Galaxy S4 on April 24. So, how much will this device set you back? Well, it'll be $149.99 up front as well as $20 per month for 24 months. This is a subtotal of $480 and a total of $629.

AT&T Galaxy S4

 AT&T took their job as the Galaxy S4 carrier quite seriously and they made their offers publicly available right off the bat. You can currently order the device via their website, but you must also sign a new two-year contract. We covered this in a lot of detail here.

Sprint Galaxy S4

 In spite off the nasty rumor that Sprint will release the Galaxy S4 somewhere in June, the official word is that they will start selling the device from April 27. You can get the Galaxy S4 via Sprint for $249.99 with a two-year contract. New customers switching from another carrier can get the phone for $149.99.

Verizon Galaxy S4

 Verizon has not announced pricing or availability for the Galaxy S4 which is not a major surprise. They are known for being the last in line to get the latest tech, but not everyone is in a hurry anyway. The Verizon employees have, however, confirmed that the company will sell the device.

US Cellular Galaxy S4

 U.S. Cellular has often been regarded as the second Verizon and it is no surprise that they have also not announced any details such as the price or release date of the new smartphone. They have, however, confirmed that they will sell the device.

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