Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Galaxy S4 US Release Dates Revealed?

 We have recently covered a story about AT&T's pricing as well as a special pre-order offer from Verizon, but neither of these companies have released official information regarding the actual Samsung Galaxy S4 release date. While many have already pre-ordered the new smartphone from the carriers, no official news has yet been revealed. However, there will always be rumors and leaks in the mobile/tech industry and today I shall inform you of one such rumor. Over night it spread across many micro-blogs such as mine since the "big sites" published it so I suppose many feel that "it must be true". This is, as you already know, a mistake on its own. None the less let us see what this photo has to say.

Galaxy S4 US Release Dates Revealed
The source of the document is a Staple's employee

 So to highlight the important part:
  • AT&T is releasing the Galaxy S4 on the 26th of April
  • T-Mobile will offer the Galaxy S4 starting the first of May
  • Verizon is falling behind and will offer the smartphone on the 30th of May
 What nobody understand however, is that above it is stated "tentative" which means that this is just a test date and is probably by no means real. However, I would not be surprised if the truth is anything like this, since Verizon has a history of being late. AT&T Galaxy S4 pricing details have already been announced and pre-orders are starting today via their official website. This, I believe that there is truth to the rumor that they will be the first Galaxy S4 carrier in the USA.

 There is little information regarding Sprint and their possible offers, but sources say that the company will eventually get the Galaxy S4 in their offer. The employees however have responded that they do not expect the phone to hit their stores until June.

 Which carrier would you most rather choose for your new Galaxy S4? Leave us a comment down bellow!

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