Monday, April 22, 2013

Galaxy S4 Scratch Test

 These types of review are the latest rend in the mobile tech industry. Some good folk gets his hands on a device early and then finds all sorts of ways to destroy it on camera, and naturally, the video becomes viral. The Samsung Galaxy S4 scratch test is one such example and the video does provide some useful content if you are considering to buy this device. During our Xperia Z VS Galaxy S4 review we did mention that the new Gorilla Glass III is a very good feature, but let us see if it will do the phone any good.

 The scratch test features all sorts of sharp pointy objects such as pens and knives. I personally found the test with the pennies the most realistic as they have in the past caused several scratches on some of my phones when I wasn't very careful where and how I was putting them. The Galaxy S4, however, took the punishment quite well, although this is honestly nowhere near as impressive as the Xperia Z.

 However, we don't need to place the Galaxy S4 underwater or scrub it with sandpaper just to see if it will work. This isn't such a realistic test as I don't see how one could even get into a situation to ruin their phone this way. However, I am really looking forward to seeing the Galaxy S4 take place in a drop test. The previous model wasn't very resilient as people had hopped and I am really wondering if Samsung has addressed this issue.

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