Monday, March 11, 2013

Galaxy S4 Price/ Cost Rumors

 The Galaxy S4 will be presented on March 14 and we are all excited to see what Samsung has been working on for the past months. This website has covered a fair share of leaks, rumors, official news and many other details, yet this is actually the first article where we will try to discus the Galaxy S4 price concept to see how much this smartphone might cost. Keep in mind that this is a premium, high-end device and thus you can be sure that it will be quite expensive. But how expensive? As expensive as the S III model or as expensive as the new iPhone? Well, I obviously can't tell you, but let us look at the problem from different sides and see what professionals in the industry seem to think.

Galaxy S4 Price and Cost

 An article on Expert Review says that the price will not be higher than £499 upon release which is the price that the Galaxy S3 has when it was first released. It is believed that the Galaxy S4 price might be a bit lower since there are quite a few phones out there that are giving it a nice for its money. These competitors are phones such as the new HTC One, the LG Google Nexus 4 and the stunning Sony Xperia Z. For those of you in the USA, this a price that is approximately $745 which is quite a lot. Oh, and in case you are from the EU, then that's around 570 euros.

 If you are, however, looking to get this device via a contract with one of your local carriers then you can expect to pay between £30-40. This is between 35-45 euros or $40-60. If you plan on using a service with 4G/LTE then you can expect the costs to be much higher. Some might find this a great offer, other people will say that this is just too much, but these are personal issues and opinions that this blog will not focus on for the time being.

 Of course, it is also possible for Galaxy S4 to cost a lot more and a lot less than this and we cannot be 100% sure due to obvious reasons. However, I personally highly doubt that this device will be more expensive than the Galaxy S3 and I wouldn't be surprised if it were a little bit less expensive, especially in some regions that Samsung will try to take-over with their new line-up.

 So, the question for today dear readership is: how much would you pay for the new Galaxy S4? What do you think is a reasonable price? Judging by the early benchmark specs it will be an amazing device folks!

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