Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Galaxy S4 Official Release Date Near?

 Greetings dear readership and welcome back to another post on the Galaxy S4 News blog! Today, we will be discussing the the Samsung Unpacked event that will take place in New York on March 14. Is this going to be the official unveiling for the Galaxy S4? And if so, will the Galaxy S4 official release date be just around the corner as well? But some of you may be thinking - What Samsung Unpacked? New York - what? and I don't blame you for being uninformed about it! I have my doubts about how authentic this information is, but a site a lot of people admire, called AndroidAuthority, puts its reputation on the line saying that the following story is true.

 So, here are the photos of the official invitations to the Samsung Unpacked Event which will be held on March 14, 2013:
Galaxy S4 Release Date
Ready "4" the show? A subtle hint at the Galaxy S4 release?

Episode 1? Is this Star Wars?

 Now, if you compare this to the first fake Galaxy S4 event invitations then you can obviously see that the two photos above are clearly much more professional and much more trustworthy. The first poster is done in the same style as all the previous Samsung Unpacked event posters and even features the event's official logo. The phrases "Ready 4 the show" and "Come and Meet the Next Galaxy" clearly suggest that this will be an event during which Samsung will unveil the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the general public in New York City, but also worldwide via the official live stream.

 The second photograph shows how the official press invitation and media kit look like and this photo was originally published Engadget, a reputable tech blog. The mixture of the the colors that you can see on the word MEDIA as well as the logo in the corner suggest a special type of material which guarantees that this media card is official.

 These special invitations were given to Engadget's journalists during their visit to the Mobile World Congress a few days ago at the official Samsung booth. Sammy is apparently getting tired of all of the new smartphones on the market and has shifted its resources into high gear in order to complete this project a lot sooner than many of us had expected.

 One final question though - what do you think that Episode 1 means? I am guessing that Samsung will first reveal their Galaxy S4 and later show off their Galaxy Note 3. But of course, it also mean that there will be several Samsung Unpacked events for the promotion of the Galaxy S4, although I am personally sticking with the first theory.

 What do you guys and girls think?

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