Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Galaxy S4 News and Rumors Update

 The Samsung Galaxy S4 has once again been the major  headline grabber during the first week of March and this is very obvious considering that the device is expected to launch very soon. We have already told you that the presentation date is expected to be March 14 during the Samsung Unpacked in New York. This does not, however, directly tell us when the Galaxy S4 official release date will be set, but we are hopping that this will be revealed to us very soon. In the meantime, Samsung officials haven't given us much food for thought other than a few teasers here and there. This article will therefor focus on the latest set of rumors which involve the Galaxy S4's specs and features. Ready to get started?

Galaxy S4 March 14 Release and Specs

 The photo above obviously isn't anything official and it just presents us with some expected features. The full HD Super AMOLED screen is something that we have discussed already in the past and as you may remember we can safely assume that the device will have a 4.99 inch display with full HD technology. The news about the storage and the camera aren't exactly new either, and the story about the Jelly Bean 4.2 Operating System is quite standard since we can expect only the latest from this device. 

 Those of you who might have hopped or feared that the Galaxy S4 will feature the Tizen OS have no more reason to think about it. Apart from the many reasons that I listed in a previous post which explains that the Galaxy S4 with Tizen OS is impossible, there is a new one to consider. What is it? Well, Tizen OS isn't ready for a smartphone yet, and it certainly won't be ready by March 14 for the conference in New York.

Early Galaxy S4 Benchmarks

  As expected, a lot of reports are coming in where people are claiming that they have done early benchmarks using some Galaxy S4 prototypes that Samsung gave them to test. Of course, this isn't what everyone is saying, but it sounds quite similar. Either way, it isn't much more reliable than the Gmalaxy S4 AnTuTu benchark from last month, but it will do for now since there is a lot of interesting details that we can take from the photos.

 Here is one such benchmark:

 Now, many of you may be annoyed that not all of the text is in English and I feel your pain. However, you can see all the major stuff from the graph and the numbers on the side. It is interesting to note how much the Galaxy S4 has scored on the first picture and it would be really nice if the actual device provides us with such performance.

 What are your expectations from the Samsung Galaxy S4? Any ideas to share? Leave them in the comments!

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