Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Galaxy S4 & Eye-tracking - Sounds Legit!

 The Galaxy S4 will be announced on March 14 which is only a week away, and the rumors are spreading more rapidly than before! Yesterday we gave you a nice rumor update which focused on what we know about the specs/hardware. Today, we will dedicate this post to talking about some interesting features that Samsung is working on. Namely, the rumors suggest that eye-tracking will now be a feature in the new Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. But what does this exactly mean and is there any proof to support this story?

 Take a look at the following screenshot:

Galaxy S4 Eye Tracking

 Now, it is hard to say if this screenshot is real or not, but it does bring in some interesting debate. As you can see the Galaxy S4 is supposed to be very 'smart' with features such as Smart stay, Smart rotation, Smart pause and Smart scroll. You can read the description of each on the photo above and as you can clearly see all of them are based on head or eye tracking which is really cool. However, is this an actual feature - an innovation - or just a marketing gimmick, is the question that a lot of people will be asking once the device is released.

 One thing does bother me on the above screenshot however,  and I am not sure how many people have noticed it - TouchWiz hasn't changed one bit! Most people won't care, and I don't either to be honest, but I was expecting more fresh style on Samsung's end.

....Now, moving on! Let us look at another 'leak'! This time we have a screenshot of the Galaxy S4 which looks quite promising and very elegant. There isn't much commentary following this pic, so just take it for what it is dear readers.

Galaxy S4 ScreenShot

Do you have any leaks or info? Share it with us via the comments section?

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