Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Galaxy S4 to sport a 4,99 inch full HD screen?

 It seems that the motto "the bigger the better" is the official slogan of the mobile industry giants this year. It isn't just Samsung with their Galaxy S4 who will be doing the 5-inch flagship trick, but just about every other company out there! Sony is no stranger to the rule with their new Sony Xperia Z nor is HTC with their Butterfly. It is only natural to assume that Samsung would follow this trend right? Oh, but this rumor isn't just based on speculation, but it is neither backed-up by a "leaked Galaxy S4 prototype". The truth is we just got some hints from Samsung themselves about some things in Las Vegas, at CES 2013.

The evolutions of Samsung's display

 Namely, they presented a working prototype model of an unknown  device which used a curved display that had a full HD screen. A lot of people scream "OMG that must be the Galaxy S4 prototype", but sadly this isn't the case. However, what is true and will become reality really soon, is that Samsung will be massively producing 4,99 inch screens in 2013. These will be full HD with 440 pixels per inch which should guarantee a supreme user experience.

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