Friday, February 22, 2013

Galaxy S4 Camera Details Revealed by T3.Com

 Welcome back to another post on the Galaxy S4 news blog dear reader! Today, we have some fresh new stories to share with you and all of today's content comes right from T3.Com who I personally find a much reliable news source than many others that are a lot more popular. Today's news are also a lot more original since they focus on the Galaxy S4 camera details and features which is something that a lot of previous rumors and leaks did not mention at all. Yes - today's post won't be about any specs, processors or rumored release dates - today's post is about the S4 camera and I am honestly happy to welcome this change!

Galaxy S4 Camera Specs
The S3 had a really nice thing going for it last year in terms of camera software
 Now, so far we have already heard that the Galaxy S4 will feature a 13 MP camera and this will probably is become and industry standard for high-level devices in the future. The fans are not planning to settle for anything less it would seem and Samsung will really have to put-out when it comes to this. Personally, I never understood why people demanded to have an amazing camera on their smartphone. I would still prefer to use my real camera during a trip or a major social event. Even so, there are just some moments that you want to capture in the best possible way and if you are paying over $700 for a phone why not look for one that has a really good camera?

 Well, those who have high expectation of Samsung when it comes to the Galaxy S4 camera can rejoice! is saying that they have a tip from AndroidGeeks that Samsung is working on a new feature that will maximize the power of their 13 MP camera. The concept is called Samsung Orb and this is expected to be superior to the S3's Photo Sphere. So, how would you like to take 360 degree pictures with a 13 MP camera on your Galaxy S4? I admit that I am also quite intrigued with this feature and  I certainly welcome a new concept!

 The website is also reporting that the Samsung Orb will have social media integration that will allow you to share your photos with your friends and allow them to enjoy the amazing photos that  you will no doubt be trying to create thanks to latest software and hardware that the Galaxy S4 is expected to dish out.

 So what do you think about this concept? It isn't anything extremely new, but it sounds pretty cool. Are there any other improvements to the camera that you would like to see? Leave a comment down bellow!

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