Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Galaxy S4 Is Almost Here! New Teasers and Photos Presented Online!

 There isn't a single doubt in my mind that all of you guys and girls have heard about the Samsung Galaxy S4 presentation date which is due in two days. On March 14 Samsung will hold its Unpacked event in New York to present the new flagship device. Times Square is already filled with Galaxy S4 ads and billboards which clearly state that this no hoax. The catchy phrase "Are you ready 4 the show?" clearly suggests that the fourth generation of the Galaxy S series is ready to be presented to the world. Samsung has even posted part 2 of its official "teaser" trailer.

 The little boy seems to be amazed by the content of that mysterious box and the suspense is probably killing all of you fans out there! I personally wouldn't be surprised if this kid brings that box to the stage during the Unpacked show in NYC in two days. If that does happen I would be rather happy with myself for having have predicted Samsung's marketing idea. Nonetheless, we will just have to wait a bit more until the device is official released before we jump to any conclusions.

Galaxy S4 With a 3D Camera?


 In the past we talked quite a bit about the Galaxy S4's camera features and specs. The Android community agrees that we can expect a 13 MP camera from Samsung along with a wide array of useful software that will improve our overall experience when using the Galaxy S4's camera. Aside from different filters, settings and options, this will also include a panorama option and other great perks. However, CNET is also suggesting that we might see some 3D options on the S IV's camera or at least on some of the future Samsung devices. I will explain why in just a moment, in the meantime have a loot at another teaser photograph of the Galaxy S IV.

Galaxy S IV Teaser

 You see, CNET is suggesting that the Galaxy S IV (or future devices) might feature a 3D camera due to the fact that Samsung has filed for a trademark on several patents which all have something to do with this technology. They also filled for a patent that included panoramic software and a panorama lens.

 So what do you think dear readership? Are you looking forward to the new Galaxy S4?

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