Thursday, January 31, 2013

Galaxy S4 Will Boost the S3's Sales When It Is Released

 Instead of digging up the rumor mill to search for some fishy Galaxy S4 news, I will dedicate today's article to another business analysis of Samsung's Galaxy business model. In this article we will try to explain how the S4 will not just help Samsung make money by selling this device to the loyal consumers, but will also help boost the S3 sales as well! Additionally, this concept will spoil Apple and BlackBerry smartphone sales, but there is a lot of competition out there that Samsung needs to think about as well. Additionally, you can expect a lot of people to upgrade to the new S4 as soon as it comes out!

Galaxy S4 will boost S3 sales
Samsung's best seller is in for another frenzy?
 As things currently stand, a lot of people have a contact for the Galaxy S3 that will be expiring sometime in April or May, which is an ideal time for a Galaxy S4 launch. If the timing is good, then a lot of people will be able to easily upgrade to a new device and extend their contracts or even switch their provider. However, aside from the people rushing to buy the new flagship, a lot of people will go crazy over the older S3 model, especially once the price drops down a bit which is fairly logical.

 Of course, this can happen only if Samsung really puts out a good quality product! Towards the end of 2012 a lot of iOS users have switched to Android thanks to the S3 which has done its job quite well. It is needless to say that the new flagship smartphone from the Korean tech giant will have big shoes to fill and expectation are rather high!

 Should the rumors about its specs and features be true, this will be a very good device that will be able to blow the Apple iPhone 5 out of the water as well as outsell the new BlackBerry and Sony devices. Hopefully for Samsung their engineers won't let their previously won fame hit them in the head to much and they will actually do their best to create another best-seller in the mobile industry. Samsung certainly has the resources and their chance to take the spotlight in the mobile industry for a second year in a row are quite high.

 While we wait to see how things roll out, make sure to follow this blog for more Samsung Galaxy S4 news!

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