Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Galaxy S4 vs BlackBerry10: Sammy playing dirty?

 What we knew as RIM for so long no longer exists as they have officially changed their name to BlackBerry and released two new devices which might be a threat to the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you are searching for a Galaxy S4 vs BlackBerry 10 comparison that will not be the purpose of this article. Instead, our task here will be to outline some of the business strategies that the two companies will be using to market and sell their products effectively. Once we know more about the S4 we will do the first comparison of the phone next to what BB 10 has to offer! So, let's see what Samsung has been doing about the BlackBerry 10 launch event that was held in London yesterday. Let us start with this screenshot.

GalaxyS4 VS BlackBerry 10
Samsung stealing ad BlackBerry 10 ad space via Google Ads
 So, let us start with explaining in short how these Google ads work. Basically, you choose a set of keywords that you want to advertise for and you pay as much is needed to outbid the competition. So, Samsung chose to advertise their products to users who were clearly searching for BlackBerry 10 news. While the new devices and the OS that good- ol' RIM has released will be the talk of the day, Samsung didn't allow the spotlight to fully leave their stage! Samsung has also done the same on Twitter and they bought a lot of ad space on sites such as CNET and Mashable in order to do their best to stop the news of the new BlackBerry 10 from spreading across the Net.

 Another important thing is that Samsung is no longer focusing on targeting a "regular user" and their priority now seem to be businesses, entrepreneurs, developers and so on. This is because BlackBerry 10 will be focusing on those user groups and Samsung has to try not just to control the damage that the new-old kid on the block might do their business model, but also try to steal their customers as soon as possible. How will this reflect on the Galaxy S4, you might ask? Well, I do have several predictions, although we will have to wait and see how likely these will be.

Samsung VS BlackBerry
Leaked promo of the two new BlackBerry 10 models
 The first thing that Samsung will try is to buy as much advertising space as possible so that BlackBerry cannot promote their new products as much as they would like. Samsung's budget is much bigger than theirs which means that this won't be much of a problem. The next step is for Samsung to probably try and come up with new ads for their S3 and Note 2, which will try to show that Samsung's phones are superior.

 Another tactic that we can expect Samsung to use is to flood the Internet with 'anonymous leaks' about the Galaxy S4 and the Note 3 so that people who were interested in the BlackBerry 10 decide to wait it out until they see the new flagship devices that the Korean tech giant will release. Finally, Sammy might even step their plans up a bit and release their S4 a lot sooner than they might have originally planned.

So, their readership, what do you think of all of this? Do you agree or disagree that Samsung will do their best to beat BlackBerry in a marketing war? Either way make sure to subscribe to our blog, follow our RSS and/or share this article (if you liked it of course!)

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