Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Galaxy S4 Release Date in April?

 The latest Samsung Galaxy S4 news for this past week were mostly concentrated around the release date hysteria. People have given up from claiming that we will see the new flagship during the Mobile Word Congress 2013 and have instead started focusing on an April release date. This is mostly a result of the fact that many major tech blogs have mentioned this rumor along with the leaked stylus pen information so naturally, the rumor mill did its job. Non the less, it is the sworn duty of this blog to cover all of these rumors and give you guys and girls an easy breakdown of the most popular S4 rumors. So, shall we start?

Galaxy S4 Release Date

A site by the name of PhonesReview UK recently posted that we should expect the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date to be set after the MWC 2013 and that it will likely be somewhere between April 15 and 22. Naturally, this isn't their original story and it is just a remake of similar stories of the Internet which have not given us the name of their source. This time it is a source that is close to major UK retailers which really doesn't tell us that much. I will however agree that is no longer possible to think that the Galaxy S4 release date is set to be during the Mobile World Congress this year as this is just way too soon. I willing to admit though that I am hopping that Samsung might show a Galaxy S4 prototype or at least present some of the new technology that will surely be a part of this device.

Galaxy S4 News, leaks and release dates
A fan made render of the new device
 I am ready to bet my five cents, however, that the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date will have to be announced during a Samsung Unpacked event. The company organizes several of these events each year in different parts of the world, but the biggest one will no doubt be the one where they will showcase their latest premium device. The same thing has been done in the past for the Galaxy S3 smartphone during the London Samsung Unpacked and for the Galaxy Note 2 during the Berlin Samsung Unpacked.

 So, that reminds me, do you remember the fake Galaxy S4 release invitation? I criticized a lot of the elements that were just wrong on that photo. For example, it was obviously a picture of a laptop that was displaying a poorly designed attempt at fooling the people on the Internet. But the truth is that we will be seeing real invitations to an event like this one eventually. Usually only the press gets invited to events like this so don't hope to get one of these in your mailbox!

 So, dear readers, when do you think the Galaxy S4 will be released? And in what town will Samsung hold the Unpacked event where this device will be presented? We would love to hear from you, so leave us a reply bellow this article!

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