Monday, January 28, 2013

Galaxy S4 S Pen and Holder Kit (rumor update)

 So, we have been hearing for past week that the top Galaxy S4 news on the Net are the reports that claim that the S4 will feature a stylus pen. I find it interesting how a lot of media sites and users are focused more around the S Pen feature then about the more important details such as the CPU, GPU, chip sets and other technical details. Of course, not everyone is a tech wiz who cares about all of these things and the S Pen is something that we all understand and love, but it is really a necessary feature for a smartphone? A few years back I would have said that it was a bit stupid, but only now do I see how much people love larger screens and their stylus pens!

Galaxy S4 S Pen and Holder Kit
Fake Galaxy S4 with S Pen feature

  The Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a 4,99 inch screen - this is nothing new, however, this is a good starting point when talking about the rumored S Pen feature. A large screen like this can function fairly good without a stylus, however, it would still be great to have one. The S Pen provides a totally different approach and a whole new user experience - so, why not include it into the S4 design plan?

 However, if we are to have a S Pen functionality, then a holder kit accessory is really something that will be a must! This will probably be very similar to the kit that was introduced with the Galaxy Note series, which is all quite standard.

 This kit costs around $60 for the Galaxy Note, so we can expect a similar price range for Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphone.

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