Saturday, January 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 with S Pen in April?

 We mentioned that the Galaxy S4 might be featuring an S Pen a long time ago and this is hardly fresh Galaxy S4 news, however, this time around we have some new details, along with a supposed release date of the new device. Western blogs across the web are reporting that Korean media has announced a report that the S4 will have S Pen functionality along with a 4,99 inch full HD display screen. This beast is expected to arrive in April 2013 and Enuri (a Korean media) has reported that Samsung is already hard at work in order to actually meet this deadline. 

Galaxy S4 S-Pen Features in April
Fake promotion poster of a 'Galaxy S4' with the S Pen

Korean media suggests that Samsung has already developed most of the technology that they plan to integrate inside of the Galaxy S4's hardware and that we have already seen some of these technologies in action. For example. the SGS4 is expected to come with a 4,99" Super AMOLED Full HD screen which is something similar to what we have seen on the Galaxy Note series. Samsung is expected to offer a great display resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels which means 441 pixels per inch. This is quite impressive, but is is something brand new that we have not yet seen? Not, it really isn't and if Sammy hopes to sell 10 million units a month they will have to dish out something far more impressive if you ask me!

 Another detail that was revealed is that we should expect the Galaxy S4 to be a bit thicker with 9.1 mm of thickness which is a big bigger when compared to the Galaxy S3's 8.6 mm of thickness. Honestly though I would quite like this change as I am not such a huge fan of thin mobile devices and I prefer bulkier models. This if of course a matter of preference, but most people will hardly tell the difference.

So what say you dear readership? Are you excited about the Galaxy S4 coming out with an S Pen?

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