Saturday, February 2, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date in April?

 It seems that all the Galaxy S4 news and rumors point that the release date should be set somewhere mid-April and the latest evidence confirms these stories. The following photograph is not fake, although the content  can be interpreted in several ways. Namely, a mobile device retailer from New Zealand is running a contest in which all of the winners will get a free Samsung Galaxy S4. The contest will be finished on the 8th of April which suggests that the phone will be either announced or released by then. Have a look at this photograph:

Galaxy S4 Release Date in April

 That looks and sounds great as this is just the news we were all hopping for, but I have to be a bit skeptical about this. Why would a retailer from New Zealand even posses the information that Samsung is so carefully hiding? It makes no sense that this company should have any insight when the new phone was going to be released. And even if they did, why would they so carelessly leak such vital information? Now, I am not saying the phone is fake, I am just suggesting that the company isn't saying - Hey, the Galaxy S4 will be released in April and all the winners will get one. I am rather sure that there is a small footnote somewhere in there that says that the prize is subject to availability and will be issued once it is available.

 In fact, the photo above even says "All winners come to an event in Auckland in late May". I find this part much more important as it may be suggesting that by late May all the prizes will have to be available and this includes the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now, this part of the photo above is great news and any true fan will love it!

 For those of you wondering, this mobile retailer from New Zealand that is holding the contest is 2Degrees and they are an official Galaxy S3 and Note 2 carrier, which means that they could have some insight on the Galaxy S4. Furthermore, this contest is only for employees, so the folks from the company maybe didn't expect any of their staff to leak this information on the Internet.

 Whatever the case, this isn't the first rumor that has suggested that April will be the Galaxy S4 official release month. Browse through our blog if you are interested in the rest of the rumors and make sure to follow us for more!

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