Sunday, February 3, 2013

Galaxy S4 a no-show on MWC

 The World Mobile Congress in Spain will not be the place where Samsung will reveal their new Galaxy S4 device. This is something that I have written about on this blog already in the past and recently it was official confirmed by CNET. This popular tech portal reports that Samsung won't be holding and press conferences as the MWC which implies that the Korean tech giant will not be presenting their S4 nor any other new devices during the event.

 In the past I have said something along these lines and I will repeat it again: the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a flagship and as such it will have its own event during a Samsung Unpacked.

Galaxy S4 no-show during MWC event
 In another article I also asked - where will the next Samsung Unpacked be held? The Galaxy S3 was released in London, and the Galaxy Note 2 had its own event in Berlin. Samsung is a lot richer and more powerful now than they were back then, so which major city is the new target? 

 We can exclude Asia as this part of the world gets a separate form of release and instead let us focus on the West. This is because the rumors are suggesting that Samsung will be attacking Apple on their home turf. Yes, that is right, we might be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S4 release in the USA! I wouldn't consider this shocking, but I do have my doubts about this rumor.

 Non the less, the release date is getting closer with each day, even though we are unsure about it. Will it be late April or early May? I this this time period is something we can bet on as it is very likely. Of course, take this with a grain of salt and don't hold me accountable if I am wrong!

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