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Galaxy S4 VS iPhone 5 Drop Test

 Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is available a lot of tech enthusiasts have gotten their model already. While the rest of us will have to wait for the Galaxy S4 shortage to get resolved before we can buy our own model, tech nerds and geeks are already hard at work doing various tests on the new device. We already posted a good Galaxy S4 VS iPhone 5 review but we never covered their build quality. I already mentioned that this was because we were waiting to see someone do a drop test, and you can be sure that the good folk at Android Authority have already gone and done that for us! Let us see the results, shall we?

Galaxy S4 VS iPhone 5 Drop Test
Which do you think did better on the drop test?
 So let us not spoil things for you, but let me just say that I wasn't surprised much by the results of the test. The method of testing itself is quite random and not really "scientific". Android Authority is known for not being any from of authority when it comes to this stuff as they prefer to goof around and entertain their readers rather than educate them. But nonetheless, they did provide us with a nice video and I invite you to have a look at it right now:

 So, did you watch yet?

 I suppose you have, so let us continue with the analysis of the test.

 It seemed to me that Darcy was rather fair in the way he performed the test and that neither of the phones got any advantage in any of the tests. The iPhone 5 did better as expected due to the fact that it has a metal body which will beat the Galaxy S4 plastic build any day. This doesn't mean that plastic is bad or easy to break, but it fails to provide good protection around the corners as we had a chance to see in this video.

 Once a phone suffers impact on the corners, the force spreads across the entire display and depending on the impact itself, the glass will shatter up to a certain point. However, the internal mechanism and hardware isn't harmed and it would take a lot of force to damage those parts. In the end, it is far cheaper to repair the display then the internal hardware.

 Also, tests have shown that the Galaxy S4 is very easy to tear-apart by professionals which makes repairs very easy. It fact, it is much easier to repair it than any Apple device out there, which counts a lot if your S4 ever does take any damage.

 Finally, one should note that, if you are going to spend between $600-800 on a smartphone, you might as well invest between $25-100 into a good case for it! Finally, I invite you to have a look at the Galaxy S4 scratch test as well!

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