Sunday, April 28, 2013

Galaxy S4 Surpasses iPhone 5 Retina Display

 For a long time many companies including Samsung have played catch-up with Apple. When the first Android phones were presented I though that they would never even get close to taking a bite of the big market share that Apple had, especially on American soil. But here we are today - Samsung is no longer playing catch-up in any regard. Many critics, tech enthusiasts and respected reviewers are saying that the Galaxy S4 full HD display is much better than the retina display of the iPhone 5. What I am wondering however is, does an average consumer notice and/or care about this?

Galaxy S4 Surpases iPhone 5 Retina Display
Forbes recently published an article on their website which tried to stay as objective as possible without offending either of the parties. However, in spite of the article title being "Samsung's Galaxy S4 Display Catches Up With iPhone Retina" the author was clearly trying to say - it didn't just catch up, it is better by a mile.

 Of course, the average consumer will not notice this. In fact, I am quite sure I wouldn't really notice either. I wouldn't really even like to discus this over as it is a bit useless. Who wants to read an article explaining which device has a better representation of the shades of green? Well, if you do want to read on that, go to Forbes and see their opinion.

 What I would like to talk about, however, is innovation. Lately, Apple hasn't been doing much of it and on this you all have to agree. It is not like Samsung is pushing things beyond our expectations but they are working a lot harder than the folks at Apple. You see, unlike Samsung, Apple contracts other companies to create their parts for them. Thus, Apple's innovation is limited to the combined innovation of their suppliers, which hasn't been very impressive in the past several years.

 A Sammy/ Galaxy S4 fan might be happy to hear this, but honestly this is not something to be overjoyed by as this affects us all. Until Apple starts doing things the right way, the competition will not be as difficult as it should be in terms of innovation and we will take a lot of time to move forward.

Or is a slow pacing something that you all prefer? Leave us a comment down bellow!

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