Friday, February 8, 2013

The Number of Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors is Too Damn High!

 Over the last couple of days I have been visiting a lot of blogs in my search for some reliable Galaxy S4 rumors. Over time I came to a conclusion that some of these blogs were inventing their own stories as well as release dates. I know, I know,  I have covered a lot of stories on this blog that aren't very accurate, but I at least never claimed them to be "official news" and always asked my readership to  take these stories with a grain of salt.

 And this all brings me to my conclusion:

Galaxy S4 Rumors are too dman high

Do you think I am joking and fooling around with this Internet meme? No way! I am really serious about this - the number of fake photos and rumors about the S4 is just too much for me to take! So, what is the point of this article, a rant? Yeah, this is a bit of a vent for more, but to make it more fun for you guys and girls, I will actually include some of the rumors I read over the last couple of days. Some are more likely than others and I would love to hear your opinion in the comments bellow!

Galaxy S4 to Feature Touch-free Control

 When Samsung introduced their eye-tracking feature on the S3 which would lock the screen if nobody was looking at it for a pre-set period of time we considered it very cool, but nothing something particularly useful. Touch-free control, on the other hand, is quite a challenge and is far more useful than an eye-tracker. However, this concept isn't exactly new, although I quite frankly do not care who thought of it first.

 Here is a quick concept

 So what are the chanced of the Galaxy S4 coming with such an option? Well, the "floating touch" concept has been developed by a lot companies and Samsung can easily integrate Atmel’s latest maXTouch S sensors. This would certainly allow users to make some on-screen gestures on their Galaxy S4, however, these moves would be quite limited.

The Specs

 Most of the rumors actually say the same thing over and over again when it comes to the specs for the most part. The media has agreed that we should expect a 4,99 inch display with full HD. We should also look forward to 13 MP back camera and a 2 MP front-facing camera. Along with this, rumors also mention that we can expect Android Jelly Bean 4.2 or even the upcoming Key Lime Pie.

 Some are however very daring and will try to convince you into thinking that the Tizen OS will be the new OS of the Galaxy S series, but I already explained why this is highly unlikely and you can read it at this link: Galaxy S4 Tizen OS - We Disagree!

 However, one thing that people aren't agreeing on where it comes to the specs is the processor. Will the really be the "eight" core Exynos processor or one of their powerful quad-core units? Well, I guess we should wait a bit before we come to any (possibly wrong) conclusions.

The Release Date

Galaxy S4 release rumors
Give your own answer!
 I feel that there should be some sort of prize for everyone who guesses the Galaxy S4 release date. However, some blogs would easily win this prize for they have published articles that have claimed so many different release dates that it makes my head swirl and twist in agony! People are mentioning March, April, May, June and July! Wow, that is really not accurate and poor journalism. If you don't have a solid rumor then don't wring anything for God's sake, surely you can find something else to entertain your readership?

 I'll stop here before I get to some really bad ones and ask you another question: What do you think about all the Samsung Galaxy S4 news, rumors and fakes out there? Do they bother/annoy you sometimes? Post you comment in the comments section bellow the article!

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