Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Displays Already in Production?

 Tech blogs and media are claiming that Samsung is ramping up the production of the 4.99-inch Full HD display which sources expect will debut on the Galaxy S4. Some of the portal such as CNET are also suggesting that the displays will be ready for the smartphone's release on the 15th of March. Once again, all these reputable blogs don't really have a reliable source, but some of them have been known to get it right so I am ready to guess that there is certainly a bit of truth in some of the major rumors. So, what else do we have to report about the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Galaxy S4 Display Production
An old leak published by SamMobile
 This new display isn't something abstract to us since we already saw glimpse of it. As you may remember, Samsung actually first showed off the 1080p HD display on a roadmap at CES 2013. This was fairly recently since CES took place in early January. It appears that the Samsung engineers did a lot of work on the early prototype and that is it ready for massive production. in early January, and it appears that Samsung Display is ready to, or has already started mass production of the new 4.99-inch Full HD display.

 Alright this all makes sense and nobody can say anything against this news since we already saw that the HD display exists. However, where does the news of a March 15 release date come from? Well, from what I understand, the report comes from a Korean publisher called DDaily and was republished by other blogs. I am not sure how I feel about this report since I cannot find the original article and I would probably have a hard time understanding it, bit my guess it is that it is another made-up story, just in Korean language. Then again, the 15th of March isn't such a bad date and it does give Samsung a lot of time to play their cards a prepare a very nice release. 

 So what do you think about all of this? Does the reported production of Galaxy S4 displays mean that the release date is just around the corner? Is March a very likely month for this smartphone? Leave us your comment down bellow this article!

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