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Galaxy S4 vs HTC One X: A Hypothesis

 The Galaxy S4 isn't out yet, but this guy is the writing a comparison with the HTC One X! - is that you must be shouting at the screen right now. Yes, you are correct, this is indeed not very smart or very accurate, but why not? A lot of sites do this and I have done it in the past as well. A lot of you actually tweeted/liked the Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z review and I am hopping that you will enjoy this hypothetical review as well! Today, I will pit the S4 against the powerful HTC One X and we will see how it goes!
Galaxy S4 vs HTC One X

 So what is the idea here and how will we be comparing the two devices since we aren't sure what the S4 is going to have once it comes out? Well, we will compare the HTC One X to the rumored Galaxy S4 features as well as highlight some key features that Samsung will have to have/improve in order to be competitive and better than HTC's flagship device. Ready to get started then? Alright, let us start the review, shall we?

Galaxy S4 vs the HTC One X: The Overall Specs

 The HTC One X is a phone a had an opportunity to play around with on several occasions. In my opinion HTC is a company that produces very good smartphone devices and their products are quite reliable in my eyes. The HTC One X is the top gun in their collection and it a very powerful device. Samsung will have to do a lot in order to compete with this device and you can be sure that the Korean tech giant will do all in its power to win the market share war!

 So, here is what the HTC One X is sporting:
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 32 GB of memory (26GB is accessible to the user) and no microSD card support
  • A quad-core processor (1.5 GHz)
  • A Nvidia Tegra 3 Chipset
  • 4.7 inch screen with 312 ppi
  • ULP GeForce for the CPU
  • Corning Gorilla Glass
  • 8 MP back camera and 1.2 MP front camera
  • Android Ice Cream Snadwich out of the box and an official Jelly Bean update
 So far, the One X looks rather sweet doesn't it? Right off the bat you can see why it is a successful smartphone and HTC's pride and joy. However, the Samsung Galaxy S4 should not have a lot of trouble competing with these specs.

Rumored Galaxy S4 specs and design

 As you can see from the above image, the S4's rumored specs are quite superior although HTC One X will not be completely outdated and will still stay quite competitive. Among other things we must mention the obvious advantage that the S4 has when it comes to RAM and internal memory, display quality and processing power. Also, the impressive Galaxy S4 battery should also give this smartphone a lot more durability than what the HTC One X offers. The lack of microSD card support on the One X will also bring a lot of points for Samsung among many users as well.

The HTC One X is just not up to the challange


According to last year's benchmarks, the Galaxy S3 performed much better than the HTC One X, so it can be said that we are expecting the S4 to wipe the floor with the One X this year! Just for good measure here is what the benchmarks said:
  • Galaxy S3 scored 12016 points on AnTuTu benchmarks which is more than what the HTC One X was able to score (it was 11024 points).
  • The HTC One X has a score of 47,4 on NenMark 2 which is rather good, but the S3 blew it out of the water with its own score of 58,6.
 Now, a a lot of people won't agree that the S3 is better than the HTC One X and this of course their right and I respect their opinion. However, based on every test that was done out there I have to conclude that the S3 was indeed a better device and thus the S4 will have no trouble in winning the Galaxy S4 with the HTC One X battle.

But was it really worth comparing the upcoming Galaxy S4 with the HTC One X? Well, some will say it was a waste of time since it is an unfair challenge, but even so, the consumer has a right to know what they will be getting out of these two for their money. The real battle that we will be looking at in our next hypothetical review will be the Galaxy S4 vs the HTC M7. Until then my dear readers you will have to wait a bit, but fear not! You can follow me on Twitter or via RSS in order to keep updated on the latest Galaxy S4 news, rumors and leaks!

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