Monday, February 11, 2013

Galaxy S4 Wireless Charger Clears the FCC? [Photos]

 Just when I was afraid that this week will start off poorly when it comes to fresh new Galaxy S4 news, rumors and overall content I stumbled up on a very interesting report involving the rumored wireless charger. What makes the story more believable is a set of photos that was published along with the report and it is quite clear that this is an official Samsung product. However, whether or not this is actually a wireless charger for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone remains to be seen. Either way, the device has cleared though the FCC tests and is ready to be released at the same time as the latest Galaxy smartphone.

 The source of the leak is the popular and well-respected tech blog Engadget which has published some nice photos and info on the S4 and the charger on the photos. Apparently the device is 90mm wide and uses Qi wireless charging standards. Apart that "qi" is actually pronounced as "chee" I can only tell you that this system can transfer power over a small distance of 1.6 inches.

Here is the first photo from the FCC test:

Galaxy S4 Wirless Charger

 As you can see above this is probably the first photo takes before the FCC's tests since the device is still intact on the photograph. If I understand correctly, the official codename of this wireless charger pad is EAD-W10EWE and Samsung hasn't really been all that secretive about it since a lot of technical details about the tech and schematics of this device where allowed to be released. However, as you may have guessed it there is no official mention of the Galaxy S4 anywhere nor that the S4 will be using this device. This just somehow brings me back to a video we posted not too long ago - Don't trust all those Galaxy S4 Rumors!

 Is this actually an upcoming wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S3 and the Note 2? These who devices have been out for a while and the tops months of their slaves have passed quite some time ago. Still, these devices are more that competitive and are selling quite well already. These charging kits would certainly give an extra reason to new consumers to buy the devices in the first place, and Samsung can make some extra money from the old owners of these devices. 

 Here's how it all looked once the FCC took the device part by part!

Galaxy S4 Wirless Charger Kit

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