Thursday, February 14, 2013

Galaxy S4 Mini and a Galaxy S4 Watch Will Also be Released?

 Greetings dear readership and welcome back to another post on the blog! Today's topic is a bit unusual and we have not covered this issue as of yet. The rumors in question is that Samsung will also release a Galaxy S4 Mini device as well as a Galaxy S4 Watch. Now, the first part of the rumor does make quite a bit of sense, but the second part of really got me off my guard and I can honestly say I didn't ever think about something such as this. Let us see where the origin of these rumors is and how trustworthy they really are.

Galaxy S4 MINI
A fan-made render concept that I can somehow see as the new Galaxy S4 Mini
 Well, Samsung has been known for creating many variation of their popular devices and selling them on different markets. Last year they released the S3 Mini, a first variation of this type in the Galaxy series. This device is quite smaller than the original smartphone and it has poor specs in comparison to "the real thing". To compensate for this, of course, the price was much lower and this phone was meant for users with a lower budget.

 Since the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to have a 4.99 inch display it makes a lot of sense for the Korean tech giant to actually release a Galaxy S4 Mini a couple of months later. A lot of users will probably enjoy the smaller version just for its size regardless of the poorer specs and lower cost. SamMobile reports that the mini device will not have wireless charging, but will use the same accessory set as its bigger brother.

 But what about this "S4 Watch" thing?

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Is this a concept that you would like to see in the future?

 SamMobile reports that this project is labeled as Project J Active while the codename is Fortius. Now this is quite funny since they also reported that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the codename Altius. Do you see the connection between those two names? Well, if not let me brake it down:

  • Citius, Altius, Fortius means Faster, Higher, Stronger
  • That is actually the official motto of the Olympics
  Interest isn't it? Although I must say that it makes very little sense, but of course these names would just be come codes and they don't really need to have any obvious meanings. Either way, PC Adviser reports that we cannot say anything decisive about the Galaxy S4 Watch just yet. However, they claim that other portals and blogs have reported that Samsung is planning a bike mount and watch armband accessory which does point the rumor mill in this direction.

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