Friday, November 22, 2013

iPhone-inspired stun gun - Samsung needs to add this to the next Galaxy S5!

Hey guys, I found a very interesting device a few days ago. Namely, I cam across a very interesting product which is a stun device (stun gun) by Guard Dog Security that is called the iStun smartphone stun gun. This company has (believe it or not) actually patented this idea and created a device that that looks like an Apple smartphone, but is actually a powerful stun gun meant to be used for self-defens. It comes with an array of features such as LED flashlight, a safety switch and powerful 3.8 million stun pad. So, how about we look at the specs and we'll tell you how you can get it for 10% and with free shipping!

The iStun is a powerful smartphone-like stun gun that was designed to look like popular Apple iPhones which is also suggested by the name itself. It comes with 3.8 million volts of power which will stop any attacker right in their tracks and prevent them from moving in any further. To provide increased utility, this device also comes with a fully functional LED flashlight.
You don't have to worry about batteries as the device can easily be recharged via the included charger and adapter. Generally, you should charge from time to time even if you are not using it. The electricity cost is rather insignificant and this will save you a lot of money since many stun guns still operate on batteries which can get exhausted fairly quickly.

A safety switch is present to prevent any accidental use of the iStun stun gun so you don't have to afraid of the device activating in your pocket or something as silly as that. The device also comes with a premium leather holster which will suit it very nicely as you can see on the photo above.

The product costs less than $50 and includes free shipping to most of the States. If you are interested, have a look at it here.

Bonus tip: This website has a mailing list which will give you a 10% coupon if you sign-up! That's a very good deal indeed!

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