Friday, March 8, 2013

Galaxy S IV Cases Reveal Its Design? Not Very Promising Folks!

 So, yet another leak is coming ahead of launch and this time we know it is real, we just don't know if it is true. Let me rephrase that, Mobile Geeks has recently demonstrated a set of phone cases from the manufacturer TZX China  which claim that they have already made an accurate Galaxy S4 cases based on the leaks they got from the company itself.  Have a look at the photo or skip a bit down to get to the video presentation of Galaxy S IV cases from TZX.

Galaxy S4 Cases
The black case is the hard case for the S4, the other one is a S3 case
 Based on what we can see from the cases the Galaxy S4 will be (as we expected) quite a bit larger than the previous model. The hard case also suggests that it will be a bit thicker as well, although it seems that it won't be much wider. It will certainly be quite different than the S3 since Samsung needs to put in room for the 4,99 inch display screen. From what I have seen based on the video and assuming this is case which does have the proper dimensions - the Galaxy S IV will be a lot more "boxy".

 Honestly I am not digging that design option at all. When I try to imagine some of the renders we have seen over the months inside of any of those cases my head starts to swirl and hurt. I must admit that I am quite worried how the Galaxy S IV design will actually turn out. But, enough of my whining, let us look at the video from Mobile Geeks which shows quite well what this case is all about:

 Has your mind been blown yet? Well, I can't blame you, since that video didn't exactly tell us much. But none the less let me ask you - is this the real thing is or someone just trying to make a viral video to promote a website/company? We have seen these sort of advertising campaigns in the past. Just last month another company presented their own "Galaxy S4 cases" but they failed quite big, since that case was large enough to fit the Galaxy Note 2!

 So, dear readership, what is your thought on the subject?

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