Thursday, January 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Design and Photos

 Galaxy S4 photo leaks are not a trustworthy thing on the Internet as 3D and Photoshop experts will not have a hard time designing and faking a render/model. There have been plenty of these leaks already and people seem to take them for granted, while the truth is that we are perhaps nowhere near what the device will actually look like. However, let us base our opinion on what we know so far about the S series and what rumors are suggesting to create our own theory of what we should be expecting. Sounds like fun? Since there are really no Galaxy S4 news this week, let us try to do this together.

 So, let us start from the latest Galaxy S4 leaked image:

Galaxy S4 photo vs Galaxy S3

 The second phone is obviously the Galaxy S3, while the first one is the rumored photo of the Galaxy S4 which highlights its visual and design difference from the previous model. We are expected to notice that the phone will be larger and that it will feature a 4,99" display. The image also suggests that the phone will keep its physical Home button and that it will feature physical volume buttons. Round edges have been a feature of the Galaxy S series and this design approach seems to be a hybrid between the S3 and S2. 

 To be even more accurate, the S4 photo we posted above resembles the Galaxy Note 2 more than any of the S series smartphones. So, here are some Galaxy S4 news and tips for you: expect a lot of fake images in the following months!

 So, can we create any prediction of our own? It would certainly be possible to guess, but it is hard to say anything that nobody has mentioned yet. What we are betting strongly on, however, is the 4,99" inch display which is bound to be a feature of Galaxy S4. Another thing to expect is that Samsung will stick to some basic white and black color combinations for their first few models before they release other design variations. 

 Also, it is easy to expect a stylus pen to become a part of the Galaxy S4 accessory kit and some websites such as SamMobile are even betting on it. Due to the predicted larger screen size this would make perfect sense, although this is something we can live without.

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