Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Galaxy S4 Early Presentation in February? Not a Release Date!

 It seems a lot of journalists can't tell the difference between a presentation and an actual release date. The current story is that the Galaxy S4 would be presented at the end of February at the World Mobile Congress (WMC) which I honestly find difficult to picture. I am not doubting that Samsung has been hard at work creating the latest flagship smartphone for their Galaxy S series, but isn't it too soon? Of course, if Samsung does give us a look at the S4 in February, this doesn't mean that the device will immediately be ready for sale the next week. 

A fake, fan render of the Galaxy S4

 However, in all honesty, the Galaxy S4 is a phone that has elite status in the mobile industry due to the success of the previous models. A device like this isn't something that Samsung will just present at WMC, this a sort of device that deserves its own event, and another rumor is that we will see a special event for the Galaxy S4 somewhere in mid-March or at the start of April. A popular blog called SamMobile posted that April the 15th is the day when the S4 will be revealed to the general public and presented. Personally, I wouldn't trust this report, but April seems pretty possible for a presentation date. After all, Samsung is under a lot of pressure since other companies are catching up to the pace and offering powerful smartphone and phablet devices of their own.

 In other Galaxy S4 news, the reports last week focused more on the device's appearance. These reports are claiming that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will originally come to the market in two colors - black and white, which is a classic approach. Although you can expect for their designer to come up with some fancy names such as Midnight Rush or something along those lines. Another thing you can expect of Samsung is to release additional colors several months after the release like they did with the S3. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing something like Sapphire Black on the S4, but that is just personal opinion. What do you guys and girls think about the role that design will play in selling the Galaxy S4?
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