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Star Wars: A New Trilogy; Will Samsung Sponsor it?

Alright folks, go and grab you Samsung Galaxy Tab (preferably a 10inch model) and go watch the original Star Wars trilogy! Why? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably know that Disney has bought Lucasfilm and they are working on a new Star Wars movie. This will be episode 7, and it is bound to hit theaters on December 18, 2015. Director J.J. Abrams will be leading the production team and we can all rejoice because he did a great job fixing the Star Trek movie franchise.

Now, this article shall be completely dedicated to analyzing recent news, rumors and leaks from various fan-run Star Wars 7 sites and looking at just how good their sources really are. Obviously, the time is yet too early to talk details regarding this upcoming movie. However, this won’t stop the hype train so let’s not pretend we are not eager to get the latest gossip and hear-say. What he have prepared for you today is a set of rumors regarding the storyline as well as a few leaked images from the set (they have been confirmed to be real

A Fresh New Trilogy

Episode VII will obviously be a sequel to Return of the Jedi (Episode VI) and as such we can safely say that the upcoming trilogy (episodes 7, 8 and 9) can rightfully be labeled as the “sequel trilogy”. Abrams has casted Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill for the new movie and as such you can expect to see Han, Leia and Luke rock-it out on the big screens once again. The story of this movie will probably be based around 30 years after the events of the sixth episode in the series.

Lucasfim (or rather, Disney) has made no official statements about the plot, but we’ve had a bit of insight into the actors. In fact, a full Star Wars 7 actors list is available and some of the people who’ve been cast are great, well-established people in the movie industry. Daisy Ridely, is the only underdog in the bunch as she has never done any acting during her career.

Could the Title be “Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear”

My guess is that this title won’t be used, just because it was already discussed on the Net. I mean, seriously, it would be a lousy job on their end. However, could the plot that was leaked with this title actually be correct? Are the unknown sources close to Lucasfilm on to something?

The original leak about “The Ancient Fear” came with a part of the script and supposed synopsis. Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed and neither were the core fans because the story sounded so generic and cliché. The basic idea proposed by the leak is that Luke Skywalker has started a new Jedi Order (as expected) and that he is no longer the only Jedi out there. The Order is of course connected with the New Republic and they work hand in hand on maintaining peace.

The real story starts when Luke sets off on a mission to recover a rumored weapon that is hidden within some old ruins. This “artifact” holds great powers which must be kept from falling into the wrong hands. The problem starts to unfold because the artifact is nothing physical but rather a Force Ghost of an ancient Sith warlord who is immortal and one with the Force. He will come back to the Galaxy by taking control of one of Luke’s students – who will also be the child of Han and Leia.

Leaked Photos of the Star Ships

Over the past couple of days a lot of leaked photos have been travelling across the Net and we feel compelled to talk about them as well. The photos are pretty much legit and there’s a lot of evidence pointing to that. So, what was leaked? Admittedly, not much, we just saw a photo of the X-Wing and an under-construction Millennium Falcon. We were already 100% sure that we’ll see these two space ships in the movie to begin with so I don’t personally find it so shocking. Anyway, here are the photos:

Star Wars 7 leaked photos

Star Wars 7 leaked photos

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