Saturday, April 13, 2013

Be Careful What You Buy!

 We hold polls often on this blog and one of our recent polls asked people what they are planning to do once the Galaxy S4 is official on sale. I expected the results to look something like this, although I am not quite happy with what some of readership thinks like. Either way, I am grateful to all who participated and here are the results:


 As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a rather strong fan-base as the majority of the voters will be buying this flagship device as soon as it comes. Another large group will still wait a bit to see how good the device actually is, and this is something I applaud. Buying the latest tech just because of its reputation and without knowing much about isn't exactly the smartest thing to do, but I will not try to teach you how to handle your own finances as this is none of my business.

 However, I will give you some advice when it comes to buying smartphones: be careful what you buy! Do not allow yourself to be fooled into order phones online via eBay or other auction sites unless the seller is an actual company or an authority figure. Last year there were a lot of scams involving the Galaxy S III and you can be sure some people will try and pull the same tricks again.

 So, remember - be smart! :)

PS: A new poll has been posted and you can vote now! The poll is on the left side.

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